Wayuunaiki Dictionary

The language of the Wayuu is called Wayuunaiki. Wayuunaiki is part of the Arawak language family. Amerindians belonging to the Arawak spread over the Amazon, Guyanas, and the Caribbean. They share a common root of their languages (e.g. like Latin for Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French).

This page provides a basic Wayuunaiki dictionary:

Wayuunaiki English
amushi terracotta jar
arijuna stranger – non-Wayuu
até hunting arrow used for rabbits and birds
chicha fermented maize drink
chichamaya traditional dance
eirajushi milk gruel
guanetou open rancho
guara large, golden doll; talisman
guarirajao west coast of the Guajira peninsula
hayo coca
Iorua dead enemies
ita bowl of calabash
jamatauré woven cotton hammock
jepirachi wind from the northeast; it refers to the trade winds
jirala earthernware ladle
kacton large net
kapanasa crown of woven material
kiara                                        crown made from tiger-claws
korsu                                       crown or diadem woven of straw
kurara “corral” – enclosure
lania amulet that has spiritual power.
loi, loi tobacco
parainsishi foreign noble person
posho small rounded spoon made from calabash
poso earthernware dish
sa’wa roasted and grinded corn mixed with sugar
siira woven multi-coloured man belt (wide)
sori rope hammock
suiche undergarment
tairiana necklace made of coco beads
tairiana necklace made from beads (tumas)
tashe garment
tinaja urn
tuma round/oblong beads mad from jasper or red agate
turu small bench
uoro crushed soaked maize
urraiche Goajiro bow
ushi large pan
weira friend
yoruja evil spirit