Birds of Passage Movie

Birds of Passage (Pajaros del Verano) is the name of the new movie of Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra. The movie plays on the La Guajira peninsula and tells the story of the so called “Bonanza Marimbera“. The Bonanza Marimbera was a period during the 1960s and 1970s where drug trafficking with marijuana was booming in Colombia. The movie shows the involvement of the Wayuu indigenous in this business. The language of the movie is Wayuunaiki – the language of the Wayuu.

The La Guajira peninsula is a geographically isolated place. At the same time it has always been a gate to the Caribbean Sea. During colonial times the Wayuu used trade with English, Dutch, and French colonists to acquire weapons for the fight against the Spaniards and defend their independence. Until today, the department of La Guajira is a place where smuggling is partially tolerated by the Colombian government and laws are not applied as strict as in other parts of Colombia. During history, the Wayuu have been opportunistic. If there is an opportunity for business they jump on it.

Birds of Passage was the opening film at the Cannes film festival. Ciro Guerra was also the director of another movie called “Embrace of the Serpent” about a different indigenous tribe in Colombia.

I am already looking forward to seeing this movie!